Boom Boom Bruno



Summary Bruno (Ben Becker) is not just any cop. He is Boom Boom Bruno, the district’s cowboy. Everything here is under his control. His criminals, his hookers, his boss. He is thrilled with his new partner Mark (Vincent zur Linden) – it’s up to him to teach this insecure boy to be a real man with balls. When a drag queen is found dead on his turf, however, both Bruno and Mark must fight their own prejudices and meet resistance coming from all sides to solve the case.
Episodes 6
Directors Maurice Hübner
Executive producer Vitus Reinbold, Ann Eicher
Producer Kerstin Zachau
Production Odeon Fiction GmbH
Broadcaster Anke Greifeneder (Warner TV Serie), Hannes Heyelmann (Warner TV Serie)
Main cast Ben Becker, Vincent zur Linden, Sabrina Ceesay, Franz Hartwig, Anton Rubtsov, Vlatka Alec and many more
Idea & Script Kerstin Sophie Laudascher
Year(s) of production 2022

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