Zoros Solo

Summary 13-year-old Zoro wants to help his father, who is stuck in Hungary, finally escape to Germany. But to do so, the half-strong Afghan has to become a member of a Christian boys’ choir, of all people, and take on the strict choir director Mrs Lehmann.
Director Martin Busker
Executive Producer Kathrin Tabler
Distributor NFP marketing & distribution GmbH
Editorial Staff Stefanie Groß
Actors Mert Dincer, Andrea Sawatzki, Laurids Schürmann, Hadi Khanjanpour, Elmira Rafizadeh, Robert Kuchenbuch, Michael Benthin, Christine Prayon and many more.
Script Fabian Hebestreit and Martin Busker
Year of production 2018
Premiere broadcast 07.11.2021 at 22.50 on SWR
Trailer Trailer ZORROS SOLO

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