Tender Hearts



Summary The romantic comedy series takes us into the near future:
Mila (Friederike Kempter) is dissatisfied with her relationship life, but keeps running away from too much closeness. Until she finally stumbles across the offer of “Tender Hearts”. The company rents out intelligent lovedroids, built and programmed to make their customers happy – in every way. She spontaneously subscribes to “Friendly Bo” (Madieu Ulbrich), who becomes her partner. But she has to defend her new relationship against all kinds of prejudices and soon begins to doubt her decision.
Episodes 8, à 30 Min.
Directors Pola Beck
Executive producer Katja Herzog
Producer Kathrin Tabler & Karoline Mennecken
Production Odeon Fiction GmbH
World sales Sky Studios
Broadcaster Frank Jastfelder (Sky), Andreas Perzl (Sky) & Florian Handler (Sky)
Main cast Friederike Kempter, Madieu Ulbrich, Heike Makatsch, Marie-Lou Sellem, Vladimir Korneev, Yousef Sweid and much more
Concept & Script Eva Lia Reinegger
Casting Liza Stutzky
Funding MBB, FFF, GMPF
Year(s) of production 2022-23
Trailer Trailer TENDER HEARTS

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