Speechless in Ireland

title Speechless in Ireland
year(s) of production 2020 – 2021
summary Connie is a perfectionist – but she doesn´t speak English. When she finds out that fluently English has suddenly become a key requirement at her office, she needs a plan. She takes an intensive language course in Ireland. But her quirky landlady and teacher Gillian who also works as undertaker and her fellow classmate Max – a Tom Jones impersonator – are really challenging for her.
directors Florian Gärtner
script Beatrice Meier, idea: Melanie Bukowski and Bianca Ritz
main cast Andrea Sawatzki, Götz Schubert, Claire O’Donovan, Don Wycherley, Thorsten Merten, Ella Lee and many more
producer Geraldine Voss, Rima Schmidt (producer Ireland: Edwina Forkin)
producer Benjamin Schacht
Commissioning editor / broadcaster Katja Kirchen, Stefan Kruppa (ARD Degeto)

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