Meme Girls



Summary Aspiring influencer Liv is condemned by her father to a life “offline” because of her miserable grade point average: she is banned from the internet and forced to switch from a chic private high school to a normal comprehensive school. But Liv doesn’t even think about letting something as unimportant as “school” destroy her career! #revolution #livmylife #casefortheyouthwelfareoffice
Episodes 6
Directors Benjamin Gutsche
Executive producer Philip Voges, Fabian Winkelmann
Producer Marcel Werner
Production Odeon Fiction GmbH
Broadcaster Evelin Haible under the direction of Hauke Bartel (RTL+)
Main cast Josie Hermer, Saron Degineh, Luna Kuse, Fine Sendel and many more
Idea & Script Jonas Zimmermann (Creator & Headwriter), Gesa Scheibner (Creator), Jule Keller, Markus Rausch
Year(s) of production 2022

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