Leo und Claire

Summary The successful Jewish businessman Leo Katzenberger owns a house in Nuremberg in 1933 and runs a shoe shop. As a devoted family man, he has a good relationship with his loving wife Claire. As the climate in Germany becomes increasingly dangerous, the bomber Irene moves into the neighbourhood.
Production Perathon Film and Television Production GmbH
Director Joseph Vilsmaier
Executive Producer Oliver Huzly, Reinhard Klooss und Joseph Vilsmaier
World sales Odeon Film and EuroVideo
Actors Michael Degen, Franziska Petri, Suzanne von Borsody, Alexandra Maria Lara, Axel Milberg, Jochen Nickel, Andrea Sawatzki and many more
Script Reinhard Klooss, Christiane Kohl, Klaus Richter, Joseph Vilsmaier
Year of production 2001

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