Flügel aus Beton

Summary Young teacher Gabrielle (Victoire Laly) loses her student Mia (Rosa Zach) to suicide. When Gabrielle finds out that the jump to death is part of the manipulative online challenge “Ikarus” at her school, she tries to confront the mysterious game leader “koenig_minos” and thereby falls into his clutches herself.
Directors Lea Becker
Executive producer Anette Kaufmann
Producer Benjamin Schacht
Commissioning editor / broadcaster Corinna Liedtke
Main cast Victoire Laly, Seyna Sylla, Rika Schlegel, Cedric Eich, Andrea Guo, Rosa Zach, Johannes Scheidweiler, Alicia Stefanis and many more.
Script  Lilly Bogenberger
Casting Uwe Bünker
Year(s) of production 2021

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