Gefährliche Wahrheit

Summary A fire in a social building estate causes three deaths. Maren Gehrcke, a journalist, is researching the background when a stranger offers her information. Adubious loan is the reason for the fire. While taxpayers bear the costs, investors and intermediaries profit. The unknown person wants the truth to come to light. And he wants money that the “Tagesanzeiger” doesn’t have anymore.
Directors Jens Wischnewski
Executive producer Katja Herzog
Commissioning editor / broadcaster Caroline von Senden (ZDF), Laura Mae Cuntze (ZDF)
Main cast Lisa Maria Potthoff, Uwe Preuss, Christoph Letkowski, Ulrike Kriener, Almila Bagriacik, Hanns Zischler and many more.
Script Frauke Hunfeld, Silke Zertz
Casting Dorothee Weyers
Year(s) of production 2021
Premiere broadcast 15.10.21 auf Arte
Broadcast Date 24.04.22 on ZDF
Since 16.04 in the ZDF media library
Nomination GEFÄHRLICHE WAHRHEIT has been nominated for the German FernsehKrimi-Preis 2022.

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