The Seed



Summary The German inspector Max Grosz sets off with the Norwegian policewoman Thea Koren to Spitsbergen in search of his missing nephew. In the process, they delve deeper and deeper into a web of intrigue and political interests, because the disappearance is apparently connected to the controversial takeover of an agricultural company.
Episodes 6, á 45 Min.
Director Alexander Dierbach
Producer Britta Meyermann, Mischa Hofmann, Richard Lamprecht
Junior Producer Louis Merki
Commissioning Editors Christoph Pellander, Sebastian Lückel (Degeto), Elisabeth Tangen (NRK)
Main cast Heino Ferch, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Rainer Bock, Jonathan Berlin and many more
Creator and Headwriter Christian Jeltsch
Writers Christian Jeltsch, Axel Hellstenius
Script Polish Alexander Dierbach
Dramaturgical Consultant Ivan Knezevic
World distribution LEONINE Studios
Funding FFF, GMPF, Tax shelter Czech Republic, Media Creative Europe
Year of production 2022

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