Der Staatsanwalt

Summary Senior Public Prosecutor Bernd Reuther, together with Commissioners Kerstin Klar and Max Fischer, investigates homicides in the state capital Wiesbaden. In the process, Reuther repeatedly demonstrates his unique powers of observation, psychological skill and professional sophistication.
Episodes 103 in 17 seasons
Director Martin Kinkel, Ulrich Zrenner, Johannes Grieser, Ayşe Polat, Patricia Frey, Erhard Riedlsperger, Käthe Niemeyer, Constanze Knoche and many more
Executive Producer Andrea Jedele
Producer Bernhard Henning
Editorial Staff Florian Weber (ZDF)
Actors Rainer Hunold, Fiona Coors, Max Hemmersdorfer, Heinrich Schafmeister, Astrid Posner, and many more
Script Mike Bäuml, Ralf Kinder, Johannes Rotter, Natalie Tielcke, Gudula Ambrosi & Christoph Benkelmann, Dagmar Rehbinder, Claus Stirzenbecher, Lorenz Stassen, Lorenz Lau-Uhle, and many more
Year of production 2005 until today

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