Title BONN
Summary BONN is a six-part political thriller. Set against the backdrop of a stirring and dramatic family story, the series recounts the rise of the young Federal Republic between the terror of World War II and the return to everyday life amid two rival German secret services.
Episodes 6
Directors Claudia Garde
Executive producer Philip Voges
Producer Fabian Winkelmann
Production Odeon Fiction GmbH in cooperation with Wilma Film (Prague), commissioned by ARD-Gemeinschaftsredaktion Series in the main evening programme for Das Erste.
World sales Leonine Studios
Commissioning editor / broadcaster Götz Vogt (WDR)
Main cast Mercedes Müller, Max Riemelt, Sebastian Blomberg, Juergen Maurer, Martin Wuttke, Katharina Marie Schubert
Script Claudia Garde (head author), Martin Rehbock, Peter Furrer | based on an idea by Gerrit Hermans
Casting Dorothee Weyers
Year(s) of production 2021-22
Trailer Trailer BONN

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