Beste Zeit

Summary On the wind and freedom. Longing and love. A chik and a beer. And the full moon as a signpost…”…That’s what Kati and her friend Jo dream of when they think of the future under the starry sky on the meadow in the Dachau country.
Production Monaco Film in co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk
Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Executive Producer Nils Dünker and Joke Kromschröder
World sales Constantin Film
Editorial Staff Dr. Cornelia Ackers (BR)
Actors Rosalie Thomass, Anna Maria Sturm, Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow, Andreas Giebel, Johanna Bittenbinder, Florian Brückner, Volker Bruch, Stefan Murr, Peter Mitterrutzner and many more
Script Karin Michalke
Year of production 2007
Trailer Trailer BESTE ZEIT

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