23 Morde

Title 23 MORDE
Summary The convicted serial killer Maximilian Rapp withdraws his confession of 23 murders and plunges Germany into the greatest judicial scandal in its history. Investigator Tara Schöll has to cooperate closely with the psychopath in the investigation of the now open “23 murders”.
Episodes 6 in 1 seasons
Director Felix Herzogenrath, Edzard Onneken
Executive Producer Alban Rehnitz
Editorial Staff Anne Solá-Ferrer, Andreas Perzl, Jochen Ketschau (SAT.1)
Actors Shadi Hedayati, Franz Dinda, Bernhard Piesk, Wilfried Hochholdinger, Sinha Melina Gierke, Tim Wilde, Meral Perin and many more.
Script Alex Eslam, Sven Poser, Birgit Maiwald, Uwe Kossmann, Markus Hoffmann, Sven Böttcher, John H. Karsten, Annika Tepelmann, Johannes Lackner
Year of production 2015
Trailer Trailer 23 MORDE

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