Schwarze Insel

Summary After the tragic death of his parents, high school graduate Jonas lives with his grandfather on a North Sea island. It is a time of new beginnings, the time of the first love. The arrival of the new, young german teacher Helena turns Jonas’ life completely upside down. She recognizes and encourages his writing talent and uses this trust to build an intimate relationship with him. But Jonas doesn’t suspect that Helena is pursuing a deadly plan. Black Island is a multi-layered thriller that tells of the fateful relationship between a student and his teacher.
Director Miguel Alexandre
Executive Producer Britta Meyermann, Ann Eicher
Editorial Staff Kai Finke (Netflix)
Actors Philip Froissant, Alice Dwyer, Hanns Zischler, Mercedes Müller, Lieselotte Voß, Sammy Scheuritzel and many more.
Script Lisa Hofer, Miguel Alexandre
Year of production 2020
Trailer Trailer SCHWARZE INSEL

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