Buffalo Soldiers

Summary There is a criminal subculture operating among the US soldiers stationed in West Germany shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Production FilmFour, Good Machine International, A Gorilla Entertainment / Strange Fiction production, Grosvenor Park, Miramax, Odeon Pictures, Strange Fictio
Director Gregor Jordan
Executive Producer Bobby Allen, Chris Chrisafis, Rainer Grupe, Oliver Huzly, Amy Kaufman, Reinhard Klooss, Kai May, Ariane Moody, James Schamus, Douglas R. Stone, Chris Thompson, Paul Webster and James Wilson
Distributor EuroVideo, ProKino film distribution and many more
Actors Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Anna Paquin, Elizabeth McGovern, Michael Peña, Leon, Gabriel Mann and many more
Script Robert O‘Connor, Gregor Jordan, Eric Axel Weiss1 and Nora Maccoby
Year of production 2001
Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar2hwfkB6cA

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